ANSHUL GARG for Irvine City Council 2020

Hello all Irvine friends, 
I am Anshul Garg, Standing with All, your independent candidate for the Irvine City Council. I have lived in Irvine for past several years and I (with my family) have enjoyed the wonderful community of Irvine every day with everything what the city has offered to every one of us.
I have “no party affiliation” and,  
•    I am committed to be transparent on all fronts. 
•    Irvine is one of the Safest Cities in the country, and I am passionately dedicated to keeping it safe        by strengthening our LAW enforcement and supporting agencies (CERT, CPA). 
     A strong LAW enforcement = a SAFE neighborhood
•    Irvine is known for its schools and education; I will continue to strive to keep the standard of education. 
•    CoViD19 pandemic caught us unprepared. I will work hard to make the City and Citizen to better prepared for such disasters.
•    Small and local businesses are the backbone of a strong City. I will work wholeheartedly to understand the obstacles and resolve them. 
•    I will ensure that city development planning includes the impact of increasing traffic congestion.  
•    Most importantly – will work tirelessly, on the job you want me to take.

I am very excited to add more items to my agenda while working with communities and people during my campaign -   
•    Internet availability via competition of the providers, in terms of Service and Cost. 
•    Use of Solar Energy wherever possible.
•    Recycling Waste - we must implement better technologies for recycling and stop use of plastic.